Dress Up (& Other Stories)

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. My Mum and Godmother drove up to York to pick me up and help move all my belongings from my student house to my other Godparent’s house a few miles away to store over the summer. Humping heavy boxes and then driving backwards and forwards was a bit draining after my Mum had driven for nearly six hours but eventually we were done and we left to head to our B&B which was in a very pretty part of York that I have never been to.

After being greeted by a very strange Yorkshire man who honestly had the worst customer service you could imagine, we were shown to our bedrooms and then it was just a case of smuggling Sacha the hamster upstairs so that she wouldn’t suffocate in the car overnight! It was a challenge, but we managed it, and we giggled about it afterwards as we sipped the champagne my Mum had kindly brought with her as Sacha ran around in her hamster ball, crashing into things as she went. That evening we headed out to have the most amazing Thai meal in the world at the Old Siam. It’s a recent discovery for me and I’m not kidding when I say it is incredible. If you’re ever in York, please go.

The following day we mooched around the city and made a lovely purchase in advance of my 21st birthday – I am very excited to show you soon! – had a wonderful coffee in Filmore and Union and then made the torturous journey home down the M1 and then the M25 where we had the pleasure of witnessing a couple of idiots in a Polo and an white-man-van-idiot have a major row as they drove at about 30mph along side one another, whilst spitting out the windows at each other. At least it provided some entertainment!

In other news, I found this Vegetarian cookbook that I gave to my Dad a couple of Christmases ago because he was forever saying he wanted to turn Veggie – of course the book as been untouched since I gave it to him – so I am now having fun browsing and finding lots of delicious looking recipes to concoct now that I am no longer confined to student means!


These are a couple of my outfits for the internship – what do you think?


Finally – I am seriously, seriously considering getting the Panasonic Lumix GF5 because it’s cheaper than most and is apparently good for novices but still takes beautiful quality photographs SLR style…any advice/tips/do you have this camera? Thank you!