Monday Musings



1. That gorgeous photograph above is a spot right outside my house that is a sun-trap. It is absolutely beautiful and I have taken to filling up a tumbler of juice and reading my book right there with Bertha the pug by my side

2. I have just made a naughty purchase – I didn’t go for the Panasonic Lumix GF5 which I was pondering over because I was simply won over by the reviews for the Nikon D40 (although it’s a big shame it doesn’t have video ability). I have bought one from eBay second-hand, but in near-perfect condition and I’m excited to take proper photographs and learn even more about photography instead of only having to rely on my crappy digital camera!

3. I have been feeling quite anxiety-ridden these last couple of days. I’m not sure if it really is anxiety or just a case of worrying too much about nothing – or are they the same things? – but I’ve been fretting over things from my parents finances (which are fine, by the way!!) to my upcoming internship, to whether I’ve done everything I need to do that day. Oh it’s just silly and a friend recommended I take some Rescue Remedy to calm down

4. People keep pulling out of my birthday party that is taking place in a few weeks and it’s very disheartening. I understand it’s summer and people have work commitments, holidays and so on – that’s always been the trouble with my birthday being when it is – but when you make such an effort for other people’s occasions, it’s quite hurtful when they don’t return it

5. I’m trying to learn some Spanish at the moment. I’m going to Valencia at the end of the summer (yay!) and am trying to learn the basics such as ordering food and drinks!

Also, I’ve just ordered this dress from Nasty Gal – gosh they have some beautiful things, do you like it?



Favourite blog of the week is Eldy’s Pocket. I was just going through page after page yesterday, noting down some of her delicious looking cocktail recipes and loving her photography. Wonderful!