Indulge: Chocolate Guinness Cake





I am very excited as these are the very first photographs I have taken on my new Nikon D40! I hope that they are of an OK-standard, I am going to have to immerse myself in the helpful book I was sent from the eBayer I bought the camera from and hone my skills so that I become a wizz at using the ‘Manual’ setting.

All this ‘relaxing’ and time at home before my internship starts on Monday has left me feeling a little anxious and restless, so I decided to channel that into making something delicious: my favourite cake of all time, Chocolate Guinness Cake. I first made this cake about six or seven years ago for my Dad’s birthday and I used wonderful Nigella’s recipe. Today however, I road-tested Hummingbird Bakery’s version and boy this does not disappoint. Wonderfully moist and rich with the tangy, cream cheese frosting this cake is a winner and is perfect for a special occasion. I have a thing for chocolate-and-vanilla/cream cheese combinations – I can’t stand chocolate sponge with chocolate icing for example – so that is why I love this cake.