Get A Sunkissed Glow




I have been dragging out an old Rimmel Bronzer for a long time and it’s rubbish. Badly pigmented and I have to practically ram my blusher brush into the product to get anything onto it! Thankfully I was lucky enough to receive this lovely set from Benefit as an early 21st birthday present from a family friend – she knows me well enough that I didn’t even need to tell her I was desperate for a bronzer!

This a great set that comes with:

 bikini-tini – a creamy eyeshadow 

thanks a latte – longwear powder eyeshadow that you blend on the outer corners and into the crease on top of bikini-tini which leaves a lovely goldy/bronze sultry finish on the eyes

they’re real mascara – honestly, not a fan of the mascara. The plastic wand does nothing for my short eyelashes – it’s a bit rubbish!

hoola lip gloss tint – I usually hate lipglosses, but if you apply just a little bit of this product it looks gorgeous. Not sticky or cheap-feeling

hoola box o’ powder – laughs in the face of my Rimmel bronzer! I’ve heard great things about Hoola before as many of my friends swear by it, and even this tiny sample size packs a punch! Very pigmented, perfect

watt’s up! Highlighter which leaves a subtle gleam on cheekbones and I like to use it just above the cupid’s bow

This is a lovely product from Benefit and gives a nice taste of different products that would usually cost a bomb individually. Pick this up for £26.50 and give yourself a gorgeous, sunkissed glow!