Not Believe The Hype



H&M3After seeing Alexandra of Lovely Pepa wearing a gorgeous boucle cardigan like the one above, I immediately fell in love with this Chanel-esque piece. Then came the hoards of bloggers and people on twitter who lusted after the Asos Boucle Jacket in Neon so much so that it sold out pretty quickly. I fell for it too, including it in my Internship Wish List here.

After realising that I couldn’t get my hands on it I searched elsewhere and found nothing to compare until I stumbled upon this version from H&M. It had sold out in my usual size, but I went a little bigger and it didn’t matter! It arrived and it looks gorgeous with so many different outfits, adding a classic twist to even the most plain of outfits. However, a couple of weeks later I saw a tweet pop up saying that Asos had brought back the Boucle Jacket in Neon! Wahoo! I immediately bought it and decided that depending on how it looked when it arrived, I would send one of the boucle cardigans back, either that one or the H&M one. I was convinced I would be sending the H&M cardigan back if I’m honest.

However, when the Asos jacket arrived it didn’t live up to my high expectations. It’s an Ok-jacket, but at £35 when the H&M version was £29.99 it just didn’t compare. It didn’t suit me, the colour was a little off and the sleeves were just a slightly irritating length. I’m really happy that this jacket was actually originally sold out, because it forced me to look around, find a cheaper one and realise how much nicer it is when I finally had the ability to compare the two!

Moral of the story: Don’t believe the hype.