Be An Intern

I feel terrible because it’s been a very busy week or so and I haven’t really had time to blog – and I miss it! I started interning in London a week ago today and, well, it’s been up and down. I’m at a very small company that was initially PR focussed but as of six months ago is I suppose what you would call a Social Media Agency. We manage the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts of a few clients & there started off being three interns and in the space of week it’s down to me. I’m really hoping I learn something from this internship – I think I’ve realised that social media isn’t something I want to do full time – it’s just a little bit scary for the future! I don’t want to be a graduate in a crappy job that I hate. I suppose at least I will be paid.

The wonderful bit of news is that I’m able to live with friends and not pay rent which is the biggest bonus in the whole wide world. AND explore London which, despite having barely any money, is still a feast for the senses and I love it. I went home this weekend for my best friend’s 21st birthday party and it was absolutely fantastic. We turned up and unbeknownst to us it was Mexican themed so we were immediately handed a sombrero, a maraca and too many glasses of sangria to be socially acceptable. Needless to say the next day on the walk to the train station home I was very nearly sick in some innocent person’s flower bed but just about managed to hold it in. I lost my purse in one of the clubs in Brighton that we went to, and even though initially the bartenders said they’d seen no sign of it, I was determined – and ever so slightly inebriated – and we went back into the club and an angel in the form of a man named David said he’d seen it lying on a table and quickly picked it up and put it in the back room. David single-handedly restored my faith in humanity. Then I came home and watched the gloriousness that was Wimbledon and it was all too much really.

Anyway, in the past few days I haven’t had all that much sleep and I feel exhausted so must go to bed. If you’ve had any similar internship/work experiences difficulties do let me know – I’d love to hear.