Monday Musings (Late)


1. Yesterday was my birthday! I had the most wonderful birthday weekend, ever. It was hectic, it was stressful at times but it ended up being magical. On Saturday my Mum and I were running around the Sussex countryside like headless chickens in aid of her company Vintage Events, delivering picnics to hen parties and organising other people’s birthday parties. It was manic and at one point, some idiot who wasn’t looking reversed straight into the back of my Mum’s car really hard – I saw the whole thing because I was in my car waiting for her! – and then played the victim because my Mum in her stressed-out-shocked-state thought it was her fault! Oh well, anyway, my friends from uni came down to Brighton, as did home friends and some lovely people I used to work with and we all met in a bar in Brighton. There were quite a few pitchers already there and some delicious canapes and we got stuck in! The evening went very quickly and next thing I knew we were leaving the bar, skinny-dipping in the sea and heading home!

2. My dog Fred isn’t very well at all. He had a tumour on his tail which has been cut off now, but it was so large that they had to cut away at most of his tail. Although it is now bandaged up, it’s so red raw and sore that he doesn’t walk properly and whimpers all the time. It’s quite distressing for both himself and us and he’s going to the vets tomorrow to have it amputated. We’re crossing everything that he’s okay and survives the anesthetic.

3. London is too hot. It’s glorious and I don’t want it to leave, however I only wish I had a swimming pool nearby

4. I have had the best few days – some of my friends really are wonderful and that’s a lovely feeling

5. I was pretty productive at work and secured a big blogger to visit one of our clients. It’s going to do wonders for the business so I’m excited and proud!

And an extra one because I was feeling generous! 6. Last night my Mum and I went for a birthday dinner and it was so lovely. we chatted about my future and what I’d end up doing and for the first time in a long time I realised that I’m not exactly sure what the answer to that is anymore.

Favourite blog of the week is Lauren’s Oh Little Red because it’s a mish-mash of all the things I love and she’s my age and on the same path that I am, so I love it!

What have you guys been up to this weekend and what are you getting up to?