Monday Musings


Courtesy of Pinterest

1. I have a weird love for Miranda Kerr (and even her Mum after interviewing her for my uni newspaper here) so this interview with photographs of her apartment on Into The Gloss just had me totally engrossed!

2. More than ever, I am really unsure and anxious about what I will do after I leave university. I don’t want my future job to be unfulfilling and uninspiring and I’m scared that perhaps a job I really love just isn’t possible?

3. Today I was woken up at 5am by a chirruping bird of some sort. The bird would not shut up until I actually had to get up at 8am. My dream was very weird and infused with annoying tweeting

4. Using my camera lots this weekend has made me even more excited and motivated to carry on with my photography campaign! i.e. photograph LOTS!

5. My grandmother has been in hospital this week because she fell over a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully she is fine, however my Mum found out that she has over £8,000 in cash stashed around her flat in her pillows and in the chest of drawers. Nutter.

Blog of the week is one I only found yesterday evening, but I was on for over an hour, reading every single post. Completely moving and alarmingly honest, which is refreshing: Life As A Widower