Monday Musings

1. Today I was travelling on the tube and it was boiling hot, I was like a sardine squished in a tin next to a million other people and it was generally so uncomfortable that I went into a trance like state and just felt nothing as I stood there trying not to fall when the tube driver slammed on the brakes at each stop. Do you enter a weird state when you are on the tube?

2. I had the best weekend. Walked for miles and miles with the boy to Borough Market and chowed down on a delicious halloumi burger. On Sunday I met up with two lovely girlfriends and we went to the Bluebird in Chelsea (terrible service I can’t tell you) but the company was wonderful and we managed to avoid the rain!

3. Just started watching Homeland. I realise that’s so 2012 but hey-ho – it’s brilliant!! On that note, I cannot WAIT until Breaking Bad returns on August 11th!

4. H&M has got some gems at the moment. Go and check them out

5. This weekend I am taking my Mum and Godmother out for afternoon tea at Sketch as a belated birthday present to them both. I am immensely excited and am going to take lots of photographs! (Is it strange that I’m very excited to use the toilets? If you don’t know what I mean, google!)


‘Scuse the awful picture of me! We were taking ‘candid’ (read: terrible) photos of each other!


Gorgeous Fred


The Wheel at Brighton

Favourite blog of the week is one I’m sure you’re all hugely familiar with, but I’m including it because her interior-fashion-sense is second to none and I’ve been daydreaming about her flat all week & imagining how I could create something similar one day…thank you Carrie at WishWishWish!