Have Afternoon Tea At Sketch

Excuse the slightly bizarre quality of photographs – some have been taken with the flash on, some have been taken eu natural, but as the lighting wasn’t great inside Sketch, this is the best an amateur photographer could do! Yesterday afternoon, I decided to treat my Mum and my Godmother to a double-belated-birthday-treat. As I’ve been in London all summer, I wanted them to come down and us to enjoy the city together, so thinking ahead, I booked afternoon tea for 3 at Sketch back in May. I’d read rave reviews, seen glorious photographs of the food and decided that this is where we should scoff cake and sip delicious tea from china cups.

I’ve had afternoon tea a couple of times at different places in the past, but Sketch is by far my favourite. The very place you sit and enjoy your food, is an art installation designed by Martin Creed. It is very Alice in Wonderland-esque, with no glass the same and every chair different heights, shapes and sizes. There is an array of colour, unusual pieces of furniture you keep on noticing and the toilets, well that’s a whole other bizarre story. If you google Martin Creed + Sketch, you’ll see better photographs of the setting that have been taken with the lights on, however when you step inside this magical world for afternoon tea, the lighting is quite dim which adds to the surreal experience. The tinkling of music plays softly, almost as if you are at a mad, Victorian carnival and, in short, it is a feast for the senses.

The food is exquisite. My favourite finger sandwiches were the croque monsieur with mozzarella and pesto and the egg mayonnaise with quail egg and caviar. I don’t usually like egg mayo sandwiches, but our waitress had told me the reason people love it is because the mayonnaise is homemade, and boy does it make a difference. The scones were delicious with light cream and scrummy blackcurrant or strawberry jam (we had the choice of both) and I don’t remember all the different cakes and macaroons but each were different and delicious in their own way.

We had endless tea, that would be refilled it you asked, and while other places I’ve been to scrimp on the food and charge an excessive amount at the end of the occasion, Sketch offers you an an abundance of food that, frankly, leaves you very stuffed and content by the end – so much so that I felt I was waddling out of the building. Words don’t really do Sketch justice – you need to pay a visit to see the magic for yourself. If you have a special occasion or a reason to treat someone, take them here. The service is wonderful, they are more than willing to accommodate your celebratory event by offering some extra macaroons, a special message written in chocolate and a candle as you can see below and the whole experience leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Bliss.

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cake cream croque monsieur cup

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