Be Contrary


As I write this post, honestly, I’m feeling a little down. My gorgeous cat Bert has been missing since last Friday, and while I’m trying to keep my hopes up, it feels nearly impossible when worrying thoughts keep entering my head. He never strays, is always home at 5pm for his dinner and this has never happened before. I keep hoping that whenever I see a message from my Mum that I open it to good news. It sounds dramatic for ‘just a cat’, but to me he isn’t ‘just’ a cat. He is wonderful, and it’s true, I don’t know how people cope who have loved ones go missing. The not knowing is the struggle. On top of that my Mum received some rubbish news this week too, and it just made me feel even more desperately sad, for her, for the whole situation.

Despite this, I am going to write this blog post because I haven’t written in a few days and writing always makes me feel better. It is about being contrary, because sometimes we all are and I wonder if any of these ring a bell?

I absolutely love my own company // [but]…After more than just one evening by myself I crave another presence (I don’t necessarily want to chat all night long to somebody else, but just knowing they’re in the vicinity is what I need)

Every time I’m home, I go to make coffee from the gorgeous Nespresso machine we have & I love choosing the different capsules online // [but]…When it comes to drinking the coffee with wonderfully smooth milk, whipped up by the machine, I realise I actually just don’t like the taste of coffee all that much

I adore, with all my heart, magazines. In particular Elle // [but]…if anybody borrows a copy they have to keep it in pristine condition and definitely cannot bend any pages

I don’t really use Facebook that much to upload photos or statuses // [but]…if somebody I like to nosey on doesn’t upload pictures for yonks, it makes me slightly agitated! (I promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds!!)

I am a very relaxed person in general – never get particularly angry or hot-headed // [but]… I will get in a right ole tizz about nothing and worry about certain things until I feel sick – or until I talk everything through with my Mum/a friend who makes me see clearly

I love films and always have a long list lined up ready to watch // [but]…If I begin a film after 10pm, with the lights down low, I will fall asleep. Sorry.

I want to be that person who is really into all the greatest literature classics ever written // [but]…Sometimes nothing beats an easy, breezy bit of chick lit

I want to be that little bit taller, just a couple more inches // [but]…I absolutely cannot wear heels, possibly the easiest way to achieve said-desire

I really want the body of Miranda Kerr/enter-supermodel-name-here // [but] unfortunately I just love food that little bit too much for it to ever be attainable

I always, always, always crave an afternoon of watching trashy daytime TV when I’m busy revising/interning/working // [but]…as SOON as the opportunity arises I realise how much I hate daytime television and how bloody bored I am

I’m really very pleased I don’t have an iphone or a smart phone so that I don’t have the chance to really partake in ‘phubbing’ so much (google it!) // [but]…I know that if I had a much better phone, I’d probably indulge in instagram, snapchat, twitter, facebook far too much…

That’s it! A few of my contrary idiosyncrasies – what are yours?