See The Positive In Any Situation

quoteWhat I’ve come to realise is that when you feel like you’re going nowhere, stuck in a job or a situation that you feel isn’t right, we need to give ourselves a big hug and say these words: “everything happens for a reason”. Some people hate those words, want to wring each and everyone of their smug, little necks: that’s just a way to make the really shi**y experiences seem a little bit easier. But I promise you it’s not. I do actually happen to believe that everything – even the god-awful things – happen for one reason or another. To make us stronger, make us see somebody in a different light, bring us closer to someone, realise life is short & precious, make friends with someone we never expected to – the reasons are endless.

A couple of crappy things happened this week, and at the moment I’m figuring out what the reasons for them are, but in this case I’ll talk about my work experience. Initially, I felt down because as well as not being paid, and spending some of the small amount of money my late-Great Uncle left for me on tubes, I realised this internship wasn’t for me. I felt like I was putting a lot of effort and energy into something that I wasn’t getting much out of and it was making me feel rubbish. However, I gave myself a stern talking to – and a hug – and I reminded myself of all the reasons why I was doing what I was doing.

  • No matter what, it is something valuable to put on my C.V.
  • Even if it really doesn’t feel like it – you will always learn something from every situation. Even if you’re learning never to do said job/career again – learning that you can’t rely on a certain so called ‘friend’ when you get let down – whatever it may be, you will be learning
  • In the case of work experience/internships, you never know who you may meet and what connections that person may have
  • You may make some great friends

As well as learning lots during my work experience, I also met some lovely people and I know I’ve made a couple of very good friends. I really realised that today, and it made me feel so grateful and glad that I did it. You never know how certain experiences will divert your journey in this life. It may seem like they’re a glaring ‘STOP’ sign, slamming the brakes on a way of life you were previously used to – and more importantly, enjoying – but remember that sometimes the unexpected will come from them and you will gain something, or someone, you never thought you would.

Do you have any experiences that you initially thought were awful, but then you realised how they benefitted you/affected your life for the better?