Reflect: Things I’ve Learnt Living In London

Some people can be really polite, and apologise when they nudge you on the tube, or stand on your feed, and surprise you.
The carrot cake at Gail’s Bakery is something else.
I have a love/hate relationship with the tube depending on what time of day it is and how hot it is outside.
If you don’t have your oyster card ready to go at the barrier, I will get a rush of irrational rage.
I love the ease and accessibility of London – you can see anyone at a moment’s notice and I love that.
You can eat really reasonable but delicious food – and in a different place every night of the week.
I love it when certain places become familiar. And when I know which tube lines to get, rather than just ‘the red one’…’The black one’…
It upsets me the amount of people who throw newspapers and cardboard into the ‘regular’ rubbish side of the bin and not the recycling.
I want to get a career that means something, makes a difference, as corny and predictable as that sounds.
I get scared wearing flipflops on the tube for fear of squished tootsies.
I love the pulse of the city.
…But I miss the clean, fresh air of the countryside.
It’s a place I associate with my childhood – and Gabrielle, Macy Gray and Five.
While Notting Hill, Camden and Primrose Hill are magical, South of the river will always be my favourite.
Fun fact: as a child my Dad, sister and I would take our bicycles to the top of Primrose Hill and he would give us a big push. Barely able to cycle, we’d go flying down the hill at what felt like 100 mph and a couple of times went over the handlebars.
A monthly oyster card – when you’re a student – is actually very good value and allows you to hop around the buses/tubes/trains like a boss.
Pervs will talk to you – a lot – and even better, so will attractive, young guys.
I got very excited the other afternoon when we went for a drink by Bridget Jones’s flat.
love the tube supervisor at Stockwell who talks the commuters through what’s going on (over the tannoy) so cheerily that I cannot help but smile.