Monday Musings

bulldog1. Everybody should travel on the tube with an entertainment device – namely, a gorgeous 15-week old French Bulldog. My usual bore of a tube journey was brightened up with this little beauty who was so well-behaved! (A side note, this puppy isn’t mine…I was just snapping away like a weird-puppy-loving-freak opposite)

2. This morning I was so tired and in a cant-be-bothered mood that for the first time in a long time I ventured into the outside world for a full day of work with zero make up on my face bar moisturiser and some mascara. I had this fear that come 2pm I was going to look in the mirror and seriously regret my half-asleep decision, but guess what? As if by some miracle, I looked in the mirror and actually thought I looked better than I have done in weeks!! What?!

3. Thinking about my future/trawling through the internet (something I seem to do frequently these days) it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t have any skills. Not any that would be really worthwhile to this ‘global’ world we are now living in. I can’t speak another language, I am terrible at anything remotely mathematical, I can’t code or make websites and find the most basic of HTML/CSS pretty confusing. I’m told that I’m extremely kind and I can string a sentence or two together but I’m slightly concerned as to what use that is in an age where every Tom, Dick and Harry can do that.

4. Today I read the most beautiful phrase. A boy was describing the feeling of being in love, as being so huge, so much bigger than himself that he felt like ‘the foam on the crest of a wave’. [See point 3]

5. Being a vegetarian really isn’t difficult (not when you have halloumi, anyway) and that is coming from one of the world’s (former) biggest meat-eaters.

This week I don’t have a favourite blog, rather a favourite artist on YouTube. Carelle’s cover of Roar by Katy Perry is better than the original in my opinion. Beautiful and talented, I only wish she’d upload more frequently to YouTube!