Feel Proud

These two paintings are of my two gorgeous pups: Fred and Bertha. They are brilliant in themselves, but the best news of all is that from the beginning of April the artist, Sara… Continue reading

Wish I Was A Stylish Traveller

We all have fantasies when we stride through the airport that we are another person, with another, more glamorous life. So dress the part and you might find yourself ushered into the first class lounge or, better still, upgraded. Rumour has it that upgrades are determined by the look of the passenger. Look expensive. Wear sunglasses on your head, hook your handbag into the crook of your arm and assume an expression of nonchalance. Only do this in airports or designer boutiques. Nowhere else will you be taken seriously.

At this time of year I always feel nostalgic for holidays gone by, hours spent lazing in the sun doing nothing but watching my skin turn a warm shade of golden while reading a good book and occasionally going in the pool or sea. When the sky is grey and the rain is pouring down in sheets, I can do nothing but dream of scorching sunshine and shorts and sunglasses and suncream and siestas! 

This train of thought then leads me to recall the exciting moment when the alarm clock strikes some unearthly hour and we have to get up in the darkness to head off to the airport. I was talking to my friend the other evening, and we were laughing over how we both always wish we could be the glamour-pusses you read about in chick-flick novels: turning up at the airport, no matter that it is 5am, with perfectly polished makeup, not a hair out of place and donned in a fashionable outfit shrouded in delicious layer of pashmina. Not trakkies, dark circles under the eyes and a temper that is hanging by a thread. 

This quote, from Things a Woman Should Know About Style by Karen Homer, made me laugh to myself because it is so universal and sounds so familiar. Before I next go on holiday, I’m going to read and re-read this quote and hopefully channel my inner airport fashionista!

Interview Dancers From The National Ballet

Another interview I carried out for the university newspaper. These two ballet dancers were really down to earth and lovely and dispelled myths that myself, and many others, have about the world of… Continue reading

Have A Grave In Front Of Your House

If I told you that I had a dead body buried in my driveway you probably wouldn’t believe me. Well, I didn’t believe it at first either. It slowly dawned on me that… Continue reading

Question Bisexuality: Greedy Or Just Open-minded?

I’ve often wondered this idea: is being bisexual plain greedy or is it in fact reflective of someone who is open-minded to the possibilities of liking both guys and girls? Or are these… Continue reading

Be An Obsessive Compulsive Magazine Hoarder

After watching endless ‘Hoarder’ programmes – Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder on Channel 4 to name but one – I looked over to the corner of my bedroom and for a moment wondered whether I too had… Continue reading

Get A Fringe

I’ve been pondering a fringe for a long time. Getting one is a scary prospect: if it looks crap then it’s there, always, difficult to clip back and a constant reminder of a… Continue reading

Wake Up To This

Wake Up To This

A beautiful day at university

Love Travel & People Watching

There are some aspects of travel that I love. When everything happens smoothly: you arrive at the station, there is no-one at the ticket machine, you glide over, purchase your tickets, look up… Continue reading

To Stay In Paradise

Watching fantastical, romance-filled movies located in exotic, faraway lands of crystal blue water and soft, golden sand, always made me dream of visiting such a place ‘one day’. I never truly believed I… Continue reading

Travel On The Tube? Answer: Painful.

Unsure whether I got fobbed off by woman on tube claiming to be pregnant for my seat or whether she’s just heavy. I remain unconvinced, she looks of a not-able-to-conceive age. Next time I want a flash of your ‘baby on board’ badge as more substantial proof please, my shoes kill.

This quote from a friend made me laugh out loud. Public transport and all that it brings with it can be a real pain in the bum-oley.

Be Transported To The 20s

Gatsby Girls

Be Inspired

Today I was completely inspired by a man named Pete Cashmore. He is a blogger who started one of the world’s biggest social media websites, ‘Mashable’, from his Scottish bedroom because it was “something… Continue reading

Be Hungover

Not. Good. The classic phrases “WHHHHHHHYYYYYY” and “I’m NEVER drinking again” are said over and over again. Of course you know that night you’ll be out on the lash. It’s a stupid, first-world-problem-cycle.… Continue reading

Have An Opinion On Cannabis

Before coming to university, I never really came into contact with weed (cannabis) that much. Sure it was around – my girlfriends very occasionally had some that they would smoke, as would I,… Continue reading

Have A Bit Too Much Of What You Love

Write An Article About A Supermodel

As Deputy Features Writer for my university newspaper, I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to write on pretty much any topic I feel like as long as it has some sort… Continue reading

Go To University

For a long time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to university. I had just experienced a fantastic few months abroad, after working solidly for nearly four months to earn the… Continue reading

Watch Project X

Even though Chris Hewitt called it “possibly the worst film of the last 20 years. It’s certainly the worst comedy of the last 20 years”, I couldn’t disagree more. The bonkers movie which tells… Continue reading

Travel Around New Zealand In A Campervan

I’m very pleased I never read or heard about the terrifying story of Peter Falconio before I chose my mode of travel for New Zealand. Peter Falconio was travelling with his girlfriend around… Continue reading

Fall In Love

It’s funny, before I came to university I suppose I was pretty cynical when it came to love. I inwardly guffawed at my friends who said they were ‘in love’ with their boyfriends… Continue reading