Monday Musings

1. Having Mumps well and truly sucks. My face has ballooned to such an extent that I now resemble somebody who has been in a real life ‘fatbooth’. Even if you have been… Continue reading

Remember A Moment In Time

Is there a photograph that you can look at and remember exactly what you were thinking at that moment? With this photograph I can. Not at this precise moment of course, because a photograph was… Continue reading

Brighten Up Your Day Now!

Follow your own advice. If a friend was feeling a little blue or having an off day, what would you say to him/her? How would you cheer them up? Now turn this around on… Continue reading

Have An Unusual Family Tradition

There’s nothing more important than family, right? Well it makes sense then, that every family should have their own, individual quirky tradition that only means something to them. For my family, it is… Continue reading

Try A New, Magical Ingredient

Until last week, I had rather ignorantly never heard of Harissa paste, a mixture of peppers, dried red chillies, garlic, caraway seeds, ground cumin and coriander, tomato purée, salt and olive oil and even… Continue reading

Monday Musings

1. This weather is absolutely beautiful, although not conducive to productive revising 2. I need to cut back seriously on packaged, processed foods – mainly crisps. I am even considering cutting way back… Continue reading

Covet My First Red Lipstick

The exciting news of the day – oh wow, isn’t my life a barrel of laughs! – is that I have finally found a red lipstick I can work with. Before, I had dark pinks… Continue reading

Marvel At The Stars

As I was walking through York late last night I was thinking about writing this blog post because the night previously I had looked out of my bedroom window to see a very… Continue reading

Enjoy The Sunshine

I believe that the perfect antidote to most worries in life is sunshine. There’s nothing like the warm rays on your face and enjoying a cold drink with a friend. Not only does… Continue reading

Find The Dry Skin Miracle Worker

For a long time I fell into the ‘hype-trap’ as I like to call it, of reading everywhere that Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish was the world’s greatest cleanser bar none. Every blogger, magazine and… Continue reading

Offer My ‘First-Time Travel’ Tips

Although it feels like a million years ago that I went travelling, what I do remember is how invaluable this sheet of paper was that was given to me by a lovely friend… Continue reading

Decide: Wax/Shave/Laser It All Off?

What originally sparked the idea for this blog post was my housemate insisting that I get a wax as soon as possible. She was amazed that never before had I subjected my skin… Continue reading

Reveal: What I’ve Been Buying Lately (at H&M)

Day dress – 12.99 | Black skinny jeans – 29.99 I haven’t been shopping in a very long time…honestly it is quite impressive how long it’s been! My student loan came in a couple of days… Continue reading

Give Gwyneth A Whirl

As it was my last evening at home a couple of days ago, I promised Mum that I would whip up a delicious dinner for us all to enjoy. At the moment my… Continue reading

Create: “Why I Started My Blog” Tag

I have created this tag as a way of reminding ourselves why we started these blogs in the first place. This is something that I absolutely love to do and it often ends… Continue reading

Be Inspired: Watch Old Classics

During all this crappy old revision and essay writing, something wonderful has happened. I have been forced to watch Italian films and learn about the history of Italian cinema and I have actually started… Continue reading

Feature My Products Of The Week

This week I have been absolutely loving these three goodies. The moisturiser and face oil have been saviours to the desert like surface that is my skin. It is so dry and I’m… Continue reading

Tell My Story, So Far

I thought I’d get a little more ‘personal’ than usual on the blog because, well, I love some of my favourite blogs for the very reason that the personality of the author shines… Continue reading

Plan Your Life

This is meant to be a fun way to think about your future, about which direction you want your life to head if you are feeling stressed about it, or perhaps a little… Continue reading

Consider: First Impressions

I was thinking about first impressions a lot this weekend. It was the 21st birthday of a lovely girl at university, and we travelled a long three hour car journey to get to… Continue reading

Compare | GBK vs Byron

This is a fun restaurant comparison as I love eating out and as people often ask where I would recommend going to for a tasty burger I thought I’d compare Gourmet Burger Kitchen… Continue reading