Add Volume & Texture to Short, Thin Hair!

It is true, I have found the answer to that eternal question: How do I add that beachy wave to my thin, short hair cut? Well, L’Oreal’s Play Ball Beach Fizz is the… Continue reading

April Beauty Wishlist

    For the past few weeks I have been lusting after a few beauty essentials that I have seen raved about by magazines, bloggers and on Twitter. The foundation, BB cream and… Continue reading

Interview Ingrid Newkirk, Founder of PETA

Hear the word PETA and what comes to mind? If it’s red paint thrown over bemused models walking down the runway or swarms of naked bodies lining the streets campaigning to wear their… Continue reading

Attend The Blogger Bakesale

On Saturday 6th April I got up bright and early to meet my lovely friend Dani in London town to attend Rosie (The Londoner’s) blogger bake sale. Lucky for us, the sun was… Continue reading

Have A Tattoo

I love tattoos. I know some people think of them as ‘scarring your body’ and would need to deliberate months if not years before getting one, but the way I see it, life… Continue reading

Talk About Loneliness

I decided to write a post about loneliness today, after watching lovely Lily Melrose’s Youtube video about the topic – which truth be told, almost made me cry because she looked so terribly… Continue reading

Think: This Time Last Year…

This blog post was inspired by the lovely Alice over at The Cup and Saucer and I loved the idea so much that I decided to give it a go. One year ago this… Continue reading

Talk About Love

Love is something that happens when least expect, when you stop waiting, when you give up looking It can make your life infinitely better but also, infinitely more complicated You begin to depend… Continue reading

Make The Easiest (& Best) Banana Bread In The World

This is the quickest banana bread in the world and I whipped it up in about 15 minutes yesterday before I took the naughty dogs out for a walk. Serves 8 210g plain… Continue reading

Give My Top Tips For Guaranteed Exam Success!

This is quite apt at the moment, as a lot of us are facing GCSEs, A levels and University exams. The reason I feel that these tips are pretty fool-proof, is because I… Continue reading

Offer Pressie Inspiration: The Biscuiteers

The reason this post has taken a little while, since I’m sure you’re all aware that Mother’s Day was a couple of weeks ago now, is that I had some initial problems with… Continue reading

Have A Bone To Pick With Monday

You know those days when you wish you hadn’t left the bed? Today is one of those days. After getting up to head into Brighton with my Macbook which has been on the… Continue reading

Improve Your Skin Naturally

As part of my no make up challenge, I have been researching lots of natural face masks that I could easily whip up at home and slather over my face in an attempt to rejuvenate my… Continue reading

Cook Up A Storm Part II

Excuse the photo quality not being as good as it should be now that I’m learning the art of excellent photography, I had to take these in the evening as that is when… Continue reading

Cook Up A Storm

I am getting very excited at the thought of using my Dad’s brilliant Canon Rebel Camera and actually using it properly. Before, I was being a real amateur and just making it up as I… Continue reading


This image doesn’t correlate to what I’m writing about, I just thought it was a beautiful, and random. A couple of evenings ago, after another brilliant #lbloggers chat, I came across the wonderful… Continue reading

Begin A New Feature: “The Start To My Week”

I’ve decided to start a new feature now that I have come home for a few weeks and have organised things a bit better. This will happen every Monday without fail, and will… Continue reading

Take Part In The No Make-up Challenge

Wearing no make-up is scary enough. Taking photographs of yourself without a jot of make up on (bar a lick of mascara) brings a whole new meaning to the word. In this photograph… Continue reading

Be Grateful For My Rubbish Phone

Take the title of this blog post with a pinch of salt — I realise my phone is a pretty good phone, it’s not the Nokia brick I sported  for many a year… Continue reading

Get Eyelash Extensions: Yes or No?

  If you’re like me, you will have short, sparse eyelashes that drive you insane. I’ve written about having rather rubbish eyelashes here and I decided to write a post about whether it’s a… Continue reading

Reflect On The Weekend

This weekend hasn’t been very hard-going, but it has been filled with a couple of little achievements here and there. As well as a bit of university work that I got on with,… Continue reading