Offer A Make Up Tip For Dry Skin

I suffer from dry skin even though I constantly moisturise and try to look after my skin as best as possible. It’s a bit of a nightmare at times: if I don’t have… Continue reading

Face The Work Experience Conundrum

It’s something that most of us will have to face, whether we are at university or not: work experience. These days, more than ever, getting a job straight out of university is a… Continue reading

Make Homemade Pizza!

In my weird, confused, essay-induced state I have seemingly decided that now is the right time to start cooking a little more adventurously and spending what TEENSY funds I have on luxurious items… Continue reading

Be Thick-skinned

\ Being thick-skinned isn’t easy. I was always told as a child/young adult that I needed to “be more thick-skinned” and not take everything to heart. Slowly but surely I have started to… Continue reading

Make Chicken Goujons

 Making chicken goujons is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Preheat the oven to 190degrees, gas mark 5 and fill up three bowls, one with around 50g plain flour, one with 3 beaten eggs and one… Continue reading

Cope With Living/Staying With People

Having experienced the highs and lows of living with people at university, I thought I’d share my personal tips on how to cope in difficult situations where you are in close confines with… Continue reading

Be Frustrated With L’Oreal

Have you seen the L’Oreal Matt & Messy advert? Beautiful model with that just-fallen-out-of-bed-with-perfectly-tousled-and-sexy-voluminous-hair look? I want that hair so bad, however I have been a little disappointed with this L’Oreal product. My hair is… Continue reading

Consider: Do I Jump On The High-Top Bandwagon?

I first knew about High-tops after seeing my sister buy a very garish pair of chunky ones about two years ago. I wasn’t a huge fan – they were far too bulky for… Continue reading

Spice Up Your Life!

Sometimes we feel a little bit like we’re stuck in a rut. Same routine, same daily chores, same meals that we eat, same-same-same. My goal for this month was to turn that ‘sameness’… Continue reading

Try Not To Doubt Yourself

Sometimes, just when we think we have things sorted and know what’s what, something happens that throws everything off kilter. This Wednesday I got some crappy university essay marks which were well below… Continue reading

Ask: Why Do Girls ♥ The Bad Guys?

Since coming to university I have realised that there is something very alluring about the bad guy to us crazy girls – something that no matter how absurd and how much it hurts… Continue reading

Eat Homemade Wagamama

As part of my health-kick and a general desire to cook something other than boring old pasta,I decided to whip up a delicious dish from the Wagamama’s cookery book last night. I had… Continue reading

Make The Most Of Samples

It’s not all that often that I find myself at the luxury beauty counters in department stores so when I do, I make sure I go all out. I purchase the delicious product… Continue reading

Have The Perfect Date Night

Last night, I felt like a VERY lucky girl. Obviously it was Valentine’s Day and a special occasion, however my boyfriend’s great work inspired me to write a post about how to set… Continue reading

Go Short!

I have taken the big step (well, for me!) and chopped a LOT of my hair off! It hasn’t been this short in a while and I actually quite like it. It’s nice… Continue reading

Be Surprised For Valentine’s

I think we all get a little bogged down in the commercial and sickly side of Valentine’s Day sometimes. It isn’t just about being with a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife but sometimes it’s nice to remember… Continue reading

Reveal: 25 Facts About Me

♥ 1 – I am absolutely obsessed with animals – all shapes and sizes – and seem to adopt this stupid squealy voice whenever I see one in real life or on the… Continue reading

Make A Change

After hearing that even my Mum had taken up Pilates and Aqua Aerobics and had lost 5lbs in the last two weeks, I decided that I had to do something about my fitness… Continue reading

Long For A Bygone Era

I don’t think anybody epitomises old Hollywood glamour like the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. I’m not sure why, but the other evening I was snuggled on the sofa watching Jaws (quite the opposite of… Continue reading

Love No7 Lipstick

Due to watching many of lovely Lisa Eldridge’s make up videos and reading her blog, I have recently started trying out more No7 products from Boots. In one of her tutorials she used… Continue reading

Find This Perfect Quote

I think this quote from The History Boys is very apt for both the literature that I read at university and blogging as well: “The best moments in reading are when you come… Continue reading